Extreme Dustless Blasting is a mobile sandblasting business that will travel to you to help you work towards achieving your dreams on whatever your project may be. We also have a blast and paint yard in Naval Base for those that wish to bring their projects to us.

Dustless Blasting is a sandblasting system that combines water with the blasting abrasive media. This system helps to prevent warping and pivoting of the surfaces during blasting as the water decreases the temperature of the surface and prevents friction from being produced whilst the surface is being blasted.

We use a wide range of abrasive media to suit many different surfaces. Our most used products are Recycled bottle glass and Garnet which are both eco-friendly, we use different grades of recycled bottle glass to suit different surface finishes. With the Dustless Blaster, the media hits the surface and drops straight to the ground wet eliminating dust clouds and making for easier clean up.

With the Dustless Blaster, we can adjust the pressure and media flow of our machine so it allows us the blast items with ease and no damage. These items can be such things as statues, sculptures or thin metals. With this ability to adjust our equipment to the desired setting we can achieve a quality finish on every job we conduct.

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